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"CT advocates, Blumenthal call for Walgreens to reverse decision on selling abortion pill" [March 6, 2023]

State Director Liz Gustafson said that since the Supreme’s Court decision in Roe, they are witnessing what they knew would be true. “The anti-abortion movement was never going to stop with Roe. Corporations are caving into politically motivated harassment and fear mongering campaigns by anti-abortion extremists, resulting in the dangerous decision by Walgreens to put profits over people. At the same time, we are awaiting a decision at a federal court in Amarillo, Texas, regarding a case challenging the FDA’s approval of mifepristone, even though mifepristone is safe, effective and has been used by more than 5 million people since the FDA approved it more than 20 years ago,” she said.

Gustafson also said the impact of abortion bans is hardest on those who already face barriers to health care, especially young people, LGBTQ+ people, people working to make ends meet, and Black and brown people.

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The Yale Politic "Strengthening a Sanctuary: A Connecticut Abortion Fund Prepares for a Post-Roe Nation"

"Liz Gustafson, co-founder of REACH and state director of Pro-Choice Connecticut, explained that any federal employee on a federal insurance plan is not covered for abortions because of the Hyde Amendment — an amendment that barred the use of federal Medicaid funds for covering abortions."

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WNTH News Channel 8 "Abortion rights film ‘Call Jane’ to premiere in Hartford"

“Abortion funds, providers, and support networks are here to help anyone who needs access to care, and it is up to every single one of us, to keep showing up for them,” Liz Gustafson, State Director of Pro-Choice Connecticut, said. “As we continue the fight to protect and expand access to abortion, we look to the City of Hartford as a bold example of progress, and honor those who came before us, such as the Jane Collective, who laid the groundwork for support networks, providers, and advocates today.”

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Cosmopolitan Magazine "The Next Major Reproductive Freedom Movement Has Begun—and It’s Creating Something Way More Powerful Than Roe"

“When I had my abortion, even some supporters and legislative champions wouldn’t say the word. To this day, people frequently use euphemisms, as if abortion is merely a concept or a debate topic. Abortion is none of those things. Abortion is health care; abortion is normal; abortion is freedom.” —LIZ GUSTAFSON (she/her); state director, Pro-Choice Connecticut; WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT.

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CT Mirror "With overturn of Roe v. Wade, CT gears up for a surge of patients seeking abortions"

"Liz Gustafson, state director of Pro-Choice Connecticut, called for an expansion of the Medicaid program to include all people who meet the qualifying income limit, regardless of immigration status. The legislature so far has broadened the program to include all children 12 and younger, regardless of their immigration status."

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Hartford Courant "As the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade, Connecticut continues to be ‘safe harbor’ for women seeking an abortion"

"Liz Gustafson, state director of Pro-Choice Connecticut, said Connecticut is now the 16th state to allow this modernization of accessibility. “We are essentially catching up to the standard of care,” she said. Gustafson said it was necessary because nationwide, and in Connecticut, a critical shortage of doctors is looming."

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Connecticut Mirror "Prospect of Roe v. Wade repeal puts abortion issue in CT campaigns"

"Liz Gustafson, the state director of NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut, noted that she was born after Roe and not long after Connecticut codified it in state law. She turned 30 on Tuesday, and she has testified before the legislature about her decision to abort a pregnancy for which she was unprepared. “The right to access the abortion care that I needed, it has always been my reality,” she said."

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Channel 3 "CT reacts to Supreme Court Roe V. Wade leak"

“Abortion is healthcare, abortion is freedom and our dignity and humanity are not up for debate,” said Liz Gustafson with Pro Choice CT.

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CT Viewpoints "Support abortion access; celebrate abortion providers"

"Abortion providers are courageous. They work on the frontlines in their communities in the face of all these challenges because they know the truth: abortion is health care, and health care is a human right."

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CT Insider "As CT lawmakers look to protect abortion rights, adding it to state’s constitution is on the table"

"Liz Gustafson, state director of Pro-Choice Connecticut, said in testimony supporting the proposal, that 2021 was a “record breaking year for the number of anti-abortion restrictions raised and enacted in states across the country.”

“It is imperative that Connecticut acts swiftly to dismantle barriers to abortion access, and work to ensure abortion is available, affordable, and accessible for anyone who needs it,” Gustafson said."

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